Monday, November 3, 2008

My Final Plea

The election is tomorrow. Many of you may have voted early, but if you know me, you know I have not. I love Election Day; it’s like a holiday.

The liberal media has worked hard to get Barak Obama elected, and they are working even harder in the final days to make us believe that this election is over, and Obama has it won by a landslide.

Don’t believe it.

Don’t let the media dictate what you think. This election is not over.

Yes, I am aware of the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes for the Democrats. This will be very hard to overcome. The Obama campaign has insisted that all claims of voter fraud should be investigated after the election. They have written to the Attorney General and insisted that it is the people who discovered and reported the fraud that should be investigated. In one of the letters the Obama campaign states that the attempt to uncover the fraud is an effort to “harass voters and impede their exercise of their rights.” Seriously?

Ohio is a critical state. There have been several instances of people registering and voting on the same day (thankfully most states have better voter protection laws). Unfortunately, they registered and voted with somebody else’s address. They catch a few of these, but thousands get through- enough to swing an election.

But I don’t despair, because this is not over.

Obama is very smart. He only pushes as far as he thinks the electorate will let him. People say “he’s only for universal healthcare for kids”. Yeah…for now. If he is able to get that thorough, he will certainly move on to the entire population. Universal healthcare for kids failed in Hawaii after only 7 months. Everyone was dropping their private healthcare- duh! So they had to get rid of it.

Universal healthcare sounds good. Change sounds good. Helping minorities and poor people buy houses sounded good. It is the same thing. It is the government thinking that they can run our lives better than we can. Did it really help those people to get into a house, only to lose the house and be left with ruined credit?

I would like to give just one reason not to vote for Obama (I have hundreds, but here is the most important)

Please, please, please don’t vote for Obama because you think he will be good for the economy or lower your taxes. If you have other reasons why you think he is the best choice, that is your prerogative. But if your choice is based on the economy, you MUST reconsider.

Here are a couple of quotes from President Clinton:

"We will lower the tax burden on middle class Americans by asking the very wealthy to pay their fair share. Middle class taxpayers will have a choice between a children's tax credit or a significant reduction in their income tax rate." [Putting People First, September 1992.]

On October 19, 1992 he said, "I will not raise taxes on the middle class to pay for these programs. If the money does not come in there to pay for these programs, we will cut other government spending or we will slow down the phase-in of these programs. I am not gonna raise taxes on the middle class to pay for these programs."

On Aug. 10, 1993, he signed the LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN HISTORY, raising taxes by almost $280 billion over five years.

Now I’m not saying Obama is Clinton. I’m just asking you to think about it. Use your own brain; don’t regurgitate what you hear on the news.

Ask yourself if Obama can really institute all of his new programs and give us all a tax cut.

The first thing he would do is let the Bush tax cuts expire. Then he will tell us that this isn’t really a tax increase, the cuts are just expiring. Bottom line is that my taxes will go up and so will yours (most of you…unless you are that lucky bottom 40% who will be getting a check).

The other way that Obama will kill the economy is through the Card Check Bill. I am willing to bet money that most of you haven’t even heard of this. It’s not something the liberal media wants you to know about. (Do you ever get frustrated that the media controls what information the public gets?)

Anyway, the Card Check Bill has to do with unions. The current policy is that if workers want to unionize, there is a secret ballot. The Democrats and Barack Obama want to take away the secret ballot so that workers don’t get a chance to vote. They will be able to go to workers’ houses and intimidate them into signing a card. If they get half of the workers to sign…poof…they’re unionized. Small businesses will have unions telling them how to run their business, they will have to hire labor lawyers, and their costs will skyrocket.

The really crazy thing is that this is an exact parallel of the Great Depression. The key negative component to deepening the depression was the massive increase in unionization, from 13 percent of the workforce in 1935 to 29 percent in 1939. The coordinated raising of prices by businesses that Franklin Roosevelt allowed after unions organized an industry also played a role in deepening the Depression.

Not only will the Card Check Bill deny employees the right to a private vote, it will lead to a surge in labor costs and reduction in competitiveness for U.S. companies at just the wrong time.

I am positive that Obama policies will be bad for our economy. Don’t vote for what sounds good. Vote for what is good.


Matt and Sharon said...

Bill Luce calls it the "Soda in the water fountain" phenomenon. He's like a 6th grader running for class president promising soda will come out of the water fountain. Oh well. It's just a good idea to have your food storage ready!

Scott and Nicole said...

It is crazy how the media can dominate so much their views and what we hear about.

Can't wait to read what you have to say when it's over.

Leslie said...

thanks A.